Navy Bean Pie

Navy Bean Pie

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This gourmet navy bean pie is the dessert you didn't know you needed. It's the perfect marriage between healthy and dessert.

We offer a variety of sizes in case you want a quick snack, an after dinner treat or a pie to share with your family and friends. 

There are no preservatives or additives because we pride ourselves on using only the best ingredients, the main one being LOVE!

INGREDIENTSNavy beans, pie crust (unbleached flour [wheat], butter [cream, salt]), butter (cream, salt), half & half, organic cane sugar, eggs, vanilla bean paste (vegetable glycerin, vanilla bean seeds, vegetable gum, natural color), unbleached flour (wheat), cinnamon, nutmeg.

For best results, refrigerate upon receipt and consume within 5 days of delivery. 



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